Planning You Elk Hunt

For new or seasoned hunters in Colorado, it is sometimes difficult to understand all of the options to consider when you are planning for the Colorado limited license drawing. There are a number of choices you can pursue that will get you into the woods every year, yet allow you to accumulate preference points to finally being able to draw that dream unit some 10 or so years later. Some of your choices are based on age, savings account and patience. In the end, having the ability to draw your desired unit allows the patient hunter the opportunity to build the skills, endurance and, of course, vacation time needed to make the most out of his or her investment. One common misconception is if you want to draw a quality place to hunt, it has to be drawn through your first choice. There are areas in the state that provide such a small quota of tags and are managed specifically for trophy animals. Many of these areas will consistently take ten or more preference points to finally be successful in the draw. This is not always the best route to go. For the hunter who plans on pursuing big game in the state of Colorado year after year, it can be productive to do their research on areas that they can draw using second, third or fourth choice, and building their budget of preference points. One of the most popular questions remains, “How am I supposed to hunt a good area, and build points at the same time?” The answer is by doing some research and getting a good idea of what hunt codes are typically strong second and third choice draws.

Coming from a military background, I believe in the tactics that I have been taught:

never enter a fight unprepared

always know the objective of the mission

know how to use the tools you have to turn the odds in your favor

One of the major lessons I learned while serving my country was the five principles of patrol: Planning, Security, Recon, Control and Common Sense. These basic military principles are the foundation of a successful mission and can also be the foundation of a successful hunt. Here’s how to launch an active campaign and be the master of your hunting experience.

Elk Hunting

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