Elk Hunting Rifles

Lightweight Firearms

Rifle stock technology has greatly advanced for those looking to save weight and increase durability. Carbon fiber, Kevlar®, Aramid®, and other materials are being used to drop firearm weight more than any other single advancement outside of titanium receivers. However, while using a titanium receiver requires the purchase of a new gun, simply changing the stock out on your old rifle can save over a pound. Aluminum scope mounts and smaller yet brighter optical coatings also allow you to save weight on your gun. Further advancements in gunpowder technology and case design allow hunters to save weight and/or increase power in lighter, more efficient, short-action cartridges and shorter rifle barrels. Archery equipment has also advanced over the past 20 years with lighter, faster equipment for extended range and more accurate shooting. These advancements are incremental steps to decrease weight or increase performance for gear we already have.

via Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Lesson 4